Vallauris / Jerome Massier Ceramic Fruitbowl Sea Green

Vallauris / Jerome Massier Ceramic Braided Fruitbowl in Sea Green Glaze

Elegant handcrafted braided ceramic bowl made by Jerome Massier. Manufactured in France by Vallauris. Glazed in a Dark Oxe blood colour.

Extraordinary Large sized bowl for presenting everything fruity or what ever your imagination can come up with of delightful ideas.

This object is handmade in the 50´s on the south coast of France and is a prof of brilliant craftspeople working tirelessly throughout time on creating actual timeless objects.

This is a very rare edition because of its colour.

Absolutely beautiful condition.


Designer: Jerome Massier Manufacturer: Vallauris Period: 1950

Origin: France Condition: Beautiful Material: Ceramic Colour: Sea Green Measurements: H 3.93 in. x Dm 14,17 in. // H 10 cm x Dm 36 cm

Weight: 3200 grams Available: Single

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