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Autumn Cph is about sharing and showcasing materials, artists, objects, and production units that hold and radiate a special resonance through time. The particular physicality of form varies from piece to piece, with everything held together in harmony through the prism of an inimitable object charisma that’s possessed by every Autumn Cph work.

We are ceaselessly captivated by the layers embodied in each material object. Therein lies each piece’s unique identity and history of production. These sediments and stories imbue our objects with their ineffable characters and auras. Besides the pleasures and perfections of pure aesthetics, all our selections are guided by our reverence for longstanding materials and methods of making, from the marble and clay formed underground over millennia, to the historic handcraft of braiding, the iconic silhouette of the ancient amphora, and the crate as an early form for transporting goods. Our love for how modern creators reworked traditional methods inspires our admiration for contemporary designers who reimagine production techniques for a positive future.

We feel our works contain cultural moments and social symbolisms that diffuse into every environment, installation, or image in which they sit.

Copenhagen-based founder Trine Guldager has a design background and has lived and worked all over Europe. Our collaborators come from various European countries, all united by a deep-rooted interest in craftsmanship and creativity, and in materials and how they can be imaginatively used and re-employed. We believe that the beauty and function of physical form can help us stop and think about what came before and what will come after.

Autumn Cph works with processes such as rare colour re-issues, small specialised production units within the EU and sourcing objects from earlier times . If you have a special project big or small don’t hesitate to get in touch as we would love to be of assistance.

// Trine Guldager

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